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An aviation related podcast hosted by Atlanta air traffic controller, Derek Vento

Whether you're a professional, student or enthusiast, The Traffic Pattern podcast is for you. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful conversation surrounding the topic of aviation. As an air traffic controller at the world’s busiest airport, Derek’s podcast provides a unique perspective from the “other side” of the mic. Each week new guests share stories about their niche within the industry. “Our Pod, Your Platform”


Latest Review

“Great Podcast” - mkosmo

Derek clearly has a passion for aviation and a great voice to share it! With a wide range of topics, from personal to professional, it’s a great listen at the desk or in the car. As a pilot, it’s right up my alley and is one of the few aviation related podcasts that can keep my attention. DK has a fantastic ability to break down complex aeronautical topics in a way that non-aviation nerds can understand. I have high hopes for the future and look forward to future episodes!

Derek Vento, Air Traffic Controller and host of the popular Podcast "The Traffic Pattern" heads to Lanier Flight Center's headquarters to record an on-location podcast of his latest episode on how flight school's are training the next generation of pilots.